Our story

It is with Jean-François Launay, my Grand Father, that our story began. He created our Champagne and gave honor to the old Champagne grape varieties. My father Christian and I followed in the footsteps of Jean-François by developing the house and making sure to keep its unique style. — Gaëtan.


Jean-François Launay
Jean-François Launay
Ecole Champagne Avize (journal l'union)
Champagne Wine School

The begining : the 1920s.

It was in the 1920s that the Launay family moved to Venteuil, on a farm in which there are a few plots of vines and a press. Jean-François was born there in 1939.

Passionate about the vineyard from his childhood, he decided at 15 to do an apprenticeship at the Champagne wine school.

First production in 1956.

It was in 1956 that Jean-François made his first harvest and Champagne production.

He meets Claude in 1962, and marries her in 1963. From their union will be born 4 children.

Jean-François & Claude will jointly decide to develop the house and the family champagne marketing. 

Jean-François Launay & Claude (Champagne Jean-François Launay)
Jean-François & Claude

The 80s : development.

In the 1980s, the house reached its current size and it was at this time that Jean-François decided to reintroduce old grape varieties. Indeed, since his youth, he had noticed the presence of these specific grapes in family vines.

In 1992, Christian, the husband of his eldest daughter, came to work with his parents-in-law on the estate and learned the profession of winemaker, as well as all the subtleties that accompany it.

When Jean François stops working in 1999, he left the management to his wife Claude, who unfortunately died suddenly the following year.

The legacy continues...

Obviously, the whole family chose Christian to rule the business, Jean François being always there to give advice or help until 2007, the year he left.

Christian kept the course given by his parents-in-law. Now it is his turn to hand over.

Since 2019, Gaétan, his son, has been in charge of operations… with new projects in mind!

Christian et Gaetan
Gaëtan & Christian


our cuvées

Cuvée Grain de Folie | Champagne Jean-Francois Launay
(Blanc de blancs)
Cuvée de Réserve
(6 grape varieties)
Cuvée Les Créateurs | Champagne Jean-François Launay
(Blanc de Noirs)
Cuvée Rosé | Champagne Jean-François Launay
(Pinot noir)
Cuvée Millésime | Champagne Jean-François Launay
Ratafia Champenois | Champagne Jean-François Launay
(Traditional aperitif)